Hardwood Floor Cleaning Residential & Commercial

Hardwood floors become dull and dirty over time just like carpet.  Just like carpet that is cleaned to extend its life and improve its appearance, Environmental Carpet Solutions can bring back your hardwood floors beauty.  Our deep cleaning process safely and effectively removes the toughest dirt and residue.  Specialized cleaning solutions and equipment can maintain hardwood floors for a fraction of the price it would cost to repair floors that are not regularly maintained.

Environmental Carpet Solutions is proud to offer state of the art hardwood floor cleaning. We can clean any type of hardwood flooring:48ce276d534bfadf8ea44be61667b0e3

  • Solid Wood Flooring (unfinished and pre-finished)
  • Strip Wood Flooring
  • Plank Wood Flooring
  • Parquet Wood Flooring
  • Engineered Wood Flooring
  • Acrylic-impregnated Wood Flooring
  • Distressed Wood Flooringimages

This hardwood floor cleaning system is the first one that really works well on all types of hardwood flooring.

Our hardwood floor cleaning system is the first cleaning machine specifically designed and engineered to clean wood floors. A custom brush and high powered vacuum scrub and extract soils from wood floor surfaces while leaving the floor dry. It has adjustable head pressure and variable water flow so the machine can adapt to the requirements of any wood floor type. Rear caster wheels provide superior maneuverability around objects.
This is an excellent way to bring back and maintain your floor’s beauty.

Environmental Carpet Solutions Wood Floor Cleaning & Refinishing system is not for all situations.  If there are scratches, cracks, discolored spots, or the finish is worn away down to the bare wood your floor may need resanded.