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Area Rug Cleaning Charlotte, NC

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An oriental or area rug provides the perfect flooring for a living room or a hallway.  A rug also needs special care and maintenance. While vacuuming may pick up surface debris, it does not clean the dirt and dust that are deeply embedded in the strands and fiber.

A rug can quickly become infested with all sorts of microscopic particles and bacteria. This can create an unsanitary living condition and cause illness and allergies. Ideally, a rug should be cleaned by a professional at least once a year.

A professional cleaner will get your rug cleaned, so that the area it encompasses is free of dust mites and safe for your children and pets to play and roam around. A professional cleaner will clean your rug utilizing a multi-step cleaning process.

The steps will include inspection with customer to determine pre-existing conditions, Color Test to determine dye stability and cleaning strategy, thorough dusting using specialized equipment that will remove 10 times the amount of dry soil that can be achieved through normal vacuumingRug washing with an approved WoolSafe detergent (shampooing) the entire surface area, Pre-soak for odor (when necessary) for our 100% guaranteed pet odor removal. Fringe detailing, Wash/Rinse the rug, Grooming to set the pile in its original direction, to prevent fiber distortion and straighten the fringe, Speed drying in our heated drying room.Post-Groom and Partially Wrap Rug. In addition, the cleaning process will remove odors caused by factors like pet dander and cigarette smoke. Stains caused by wine, coffee or sugary drinks ect. can also be completely removed. The cleaning process is safe and will not damage the fibers.

If you have neglected cleaning your rug, then don’t waste any more time and call a company with a solid reputation of producing reliable service. A professional cleaning agency will eliminate every trace of dust and dirt from your rug no matter how long it has been since last cleaned, if ever.

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