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Professional Beach Spot Removal Charlotte, NC

We will save you an average of 65%-75% by letting us dye your carpet instead of replacing it. Satisfaction Guaranteed!


This is a very common problem from household bleach or other chemicalsbeing spilled on carpet which results in unsightly faded spots. These areas
may appear as white, orange, or yellow spots on your carpet. Environmental Carpet Solutions is able to beautifully restore these spots, and we guarantee an acceptable color match, regardless of your carpet color! Multi-colored carpet and patterned carpets may also be fully restored!

Bleached Carpets

Bleach and harsh chemicals remove the carpet color. We can repair bleached spots, and achieve the closest possible color match by utilizing a proprietary app developed by Dye Master Chris Howell from Colorful Carpets. We use rich quality dyes that are non-toxic and wash fast.

Carpet Dyeing Saves up to 75% On Cost of Replacement

Typically, carpets ugly out before they wear out. Color damage is one of the biggest reasons for premature carpet replacement but hiring a professional stain removal carpet service can help you restore its beauty and increase its longevity.


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